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Community Development

Reliance attaches a high level of importance to improving the quality of life in the communities surrounding all its manufacturing complexes. The initiatives include coming to the rescue of the community at times of crises, and also longer-term efforts in areas of education, health, and programmes for social upliftment.

Reliance runs its own schools at its manufacturing sites, which provide high quality education to the children of employees, and also to the children living in nearby areas. These schools are all equipped with modern amenities like well-stocked libraries, computers, laboratories, sports facilities and playgrounds. Transportation facility is provided to all students, thus enabling those living in nearby villages to attend school every day.

Some of the important initiatives launched by Reliance include:

  • Reliance, in association with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, launched the Secondary Schools Computerisation Project to facilitate computer education for 51 municipal secondary schools of Mumbai. The project covers about 68,000 students studying from fifth to tenth standard. Computer laboratories are being created in each of these schools. Each computer lab will have 15 multimedia computers connected on a network. The lab will also be equipped with a printer, scanner, software applications and educational multimedia content for various syllabus subjects, including Maths and Science.

  • The project aims to benefit not only the students, but also the teachers and their schools. While the students will gain the skills needed to be productive and successful citizens in the new knowledge era, the teachers will benefit by learning new skills that will further their professional development. The schools will benefit by acquiring the resource, skills and self-sufficiency to carry this project forward on their own.

  • Jamnagar town faces acute drinking water shortages. In order to mitigate the problems of people, Reliance supplies drinking water from its state-of-the-art seawater desalination plant during summer periods of shortages. Drinking water was supplied for the third successive year in the summer of 2002.

  • Dwarka, a religious destination near Jamnagar, has been a centre of attraction not only for pilgrims of the country but also for archaeologists, historians and tourists from all over the world. Reliance took up much-needed renovation and overall development work in Dwarka by joining hands with various organisations/ offices of the Government of Gujarat.

  • The DAF has recently established a sanatorium at Chorwad, Gujarat, for the use of patients needing change of climate and recuperation.

  • Reliance also carried out community services work in villages adjoining its Jamnagar and Hazira complexes, to improve the quality of life of the people. Some of the activities at Jamnagar included supply of fodder; organisation of blood donation camps, regular health check-up camps and mobile dispensary services; reconstruction of temples and assistance to several voluntary organisations to carry out cultural and social festivals / functions, etc.

  • The community services carried out at Hazira included donations to the Surat Municipal Corporation and District Collectorate for e-governance programmes, awards to motivate meritorious students, donations of computers and library books to various schools, donations of tricycles to handicapped students, organisation of inter-village / inter-school sports and cultural competitions, mobile health van services, organisation of health camps and initiatives to provide self-employment opportunities for women.

  • DAF and Sampradaan - the Indian Centre for Philanthropy, organised the second national conference of Charitable Foundations in India. The objective was to network charitable foundations for professional exchange of views, experiences and to explore ways for collaboration. The conference on the theme "Promoting Good Governance: Internal and External" was well-attended by about 35 NGOs from all over India.

  • A platform to display the art and craft produced by underprivileged children from Aseema (an NGO devoted to their welfare) was provided along with the annual Harmony Exhibition organised by the textile division of Reliance Industries Limited.